Bringing AI and
Data Expertise to You

Data Science and AI Consulting

Unlock the true potential of your data by leveraging cutting edge Data Science and AI technologies with the help of our data science and AI mavens.

AI Product Development

Empower your business with AI products powered by custom-built machine learning and deep learning models that fit your needs.

Data Strategy

Develop innovative data strategy for your business to bring your business into newer heights.

What We Do

Natural Language Processing

Let NLP algorithms help you extract the untapped potential of any text data in your database. We build NLP models to help you get insights out of your unstructured text data.

Recommendation Systems

Increase your product engagement and revenue by serving the right items to your customers. We develop powerful recommendation systems that's customized to your product.

Churn Prediction

Customer churn is a big problem for any business. Our expertly constructed models customized to your data can help you mitigate churn by predicting who are at risk of abandoning your business.

Customer Segmentation

Improve your marketing and sales by knowing who your customers are. We can help you profile your customers to accurately target ads, campaigns, and provide personalized experience to each segment.

Sentiment Analysis

Your customers always speak about your product. We can help you get the most important information from your customers—how they feel about your product and services. With our state-of-the-art sentiment analysis models, we can help you get an accurate picture of your business' digital pulse.

Agent-based Modeling

We develop simulation models that can help you validate assumptions without disrupting your customers. We can run thousands of scenarios for you and understand how different factors affect your assumptions. Our models can help you address bottlenecks in your business processes as well.